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2001                Seoul National University, Specialized College of Law Course, Graduate Expert

Training in Internet and Legal Issues

1992                Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, LL.B.


<Professional Experience>


Present            Managing Partner, Yoon & Yang (IP) LLC (since 2006)

Panelist, Korea Internet Address (Domain Name) Dispute Resolution Committee (IDRC) (since 2006)

Panelist, Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center (ADNDRC) (since 2008)

Vice President, AIPPI Korea (since 2017)

Vice President, APAA Korea (since 2015)

Vice President, Korea Trademark & Design Association (KOTA) (since 2013)

Panelist, Intellectual Property Rights Dispute Resolution Committee of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) (since 2013)

Commissioner, KIPO Trademark Policy Advisory Committee (since 2009)


2014-2016         Director, AIPPI Korea

2013-2015         Director, APAA Korea

2013-2014         President, Trademark, Design & Copyright Subdivision of the Korea Patent

Attorneys Association (KPAA)

2011-2013         Director, KOTA

2011                President, Korea Trademark Association

2009-2012         Standing Committee Member, APAA Trademark Committee

2006-2012         Public Affairs Director, Education Director, KPAA

2005                Instructor, “Trademark Cases and Law,” KBS Radio

2003-2009         Standing Committee Member, APAA Copyright Committee

                     Instructor, Trademark Trial and Litigation Course, KIPO International Intellectual

                     Property Training Institute (KIPO IIPTI)

1993-2006         Associate, Kim Shin & Yu (Trademark, Domain Name, Copyright)

1993-1995         Lecturer, “Copyright Law,” Hanbit Intellectual Property Training Center

1993                Admitted to Patent bar


<Publications & Presentations>


Trademark dispute cases and recent major cases that examiners should know (Presentation for KIPO Trademark Senior Examiners, 2019)

Cancellation issues and cases based on modified use of registered marks (KOTA Presentation, 2019)

Trademark dispute cases and practical tips that trademark experts should know (KOTA Academy lectures, 2015-19)

Trademark dispute cases and practical tips that trademark experts should know (Lectures for Patent & Trademark Attorneys in trainee, KPAA & KIPO IIPTI, 2013-18)

Analysis of recent key decisions on domain names (IDRC Presentation for Panelists, 2016-19)

Genuine use of trademarks (AIPPI Law Series, Korea chapter, 2018)

Comparison of intellectual property dispute resolution procedures, domain name dispute resolution procedures and major cases (Korea Internet & Security Agency Presentation, 2018)

How to root out and defend against trademark infringement (Seminar for national police officers in charge of intellectual property, 2018)

Tips on maintaining U.S. trademark rights with small use (KOTA seminar, 2017) (Talk based on "Maintaining U.S. Trademark Registrations: Small Uses By Foreign Owners Sufficient” by David W. Ehrlich, 2014)

New issues of non-use cancellation actions (KOTA seminar, 2017)

Analysis of recent major trademark disputes (KPAA presentation, 2015)

Main concepts of trademark law and disputes (Lectures for Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office, Daejeon High Prosecutor's Office, 2015)

Conflict of a copyright restored by the Bern Convention and a registered mark (Patent and Trademark journal, 2015. 9.)

Domain name disputes involving parallel importers (IDRC Presentation. 2015)

Position Marks: Supreme Court decision on secondary meaning for adidas’ three stripes (KOTA seminar, 2013)

Dispute & Resolution Systems for Domain Names (Presentation at KPAA Annual Meeting, 2006)

Study on the parties in a lawsuit on suspending enforcement of domain-name settlement decisions under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (Proceedings of 3rd International Seminar on Korean Internet Address Disputes, 2005).

Managing brand registrations seeking to enter the Chinese market (Proceedings of the Korea Fashion Association Seminar, 2004)

Commentary on Case No. 93HU, 1834 decision (Patent and Trademark journal, 1995. 4.)

Effect of definitive invalidation trials concerning cited trademarks (Patent and Trademarkjournal, 1994. 7.)




Prosecution of domestic/international trademarks

Applications for international registration through the Madrid System

Oppositions, trials and appeals against decisions by the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board of KIPO

Foreign trademark disputes for domestic companies

Foreign trademark registrations with the Korea Customs Service and customs enforcement of counterfeits

Investigations and administrative crackdowns on infringing products in China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa

Domestic claims of infringement and damages

Dispute settlements involving international and domestic domains